"A Mummy in Her Backpack"

"A Mummy in Her Backpack" is now available on line, at stores, and from Arte Publico Books. See below for ordering information. 

"A Mummy in Her Backpack" tells the story of Flor, who has just returned to school after a two-week trip to Mexico.  She's glad to be back until she reaches into her backpack, and feels a cold hand clutching hers.  Flor and her best friend Lupita find that a mummy named Rafa from the famous museum in Guanajuato, Mexico has hitched a ride with Flor the visit the United States.

How can Flor hide a mummy from her teachers, her classmates, and her family?  Things get worse when Rafa realizes that the Day of the Dead is approaching and he wants to return home. 

"A Mummy in Her Backpack" is a bilingual flip book written for ages 8-12.

ISBN: 978-1-55885-706-3

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