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Why moonstories?

Moonstories is the author site for James Luna, whose books, The Runaway Piggy/El cochinito fugitivo, and A Mummy in Her Backpack/ Una momia en su mochila are published by Arte Publico/Pinata Books.

"Luna" is the word for "moon" in Spanish, so on this site you will find stories written by James Luna.  Get it?  Moon stories!

The Runaway Piggy/El cochinito fugitivo is a new take on the classic story of The Gingerbread Man.  In this story, a piggy cookie from a panaderia, jumps off the tray of Marta's bakery and runs down the street.  To each person he meets, he laughs and repeats his refrain, "Chase me! Chase me down the street! But this is one piggy you won't get to eat!"  He escapes from everyone, but what will he do when he has to cross the street?

Don't worry!  Piggy won't get away from you when you bake your own piggy cookies using the recipe in the book!

The Runaway Piggy/El cochinito fugitivo was awarded the 2011 Tejas Star Award.

A Mummy in Her Backpack/Una momia en su mochila tells the story of Flor, who returns from a trip to Mexico only to find that a mummy has hidden in her backpack.
The mummy introduces himself as Rafa, a resident of the famous mummy museum in Guanjuato that Flor visited on her trip.
Flor's troubles increase when she tries to hide Rafa from her teacher, her classmates and her family. 
When Rafa realizes that it's almost the Day of the Dead, his favorite holiday, he longs to return home.
Will Flor be able to get Rafa home before he is discovered?